Well now I can correctly moonwalk away from uncomfortable situations

Because everyone deserves to know how to do a mean moonwalk.


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If she looks worn out, then I have spent my life looking like a drowned rat wheezing in a sewer. 

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He lifted me to my feet then, and bent his head to kiss me. It went on a long while, and his hands roamed downward, finding the fastening of my petticoat. It fell to the floor in a billow of starched flounces, leaving me in my chemise. “Where did you learn to kiss like that?” I said, a little breathless. He grinned and pulled me close again. “I said I was a virgin, not a monk,” he said, kissing me again. “If I find I need guidance, I’ll ask.” He pressed me firmly to him, and I could feel that he was more than ready to get on with the business at hand. With some surprise, I realized that I was ready too. In fact, whether it was the result of the late hour, the wine, his own attractiveness, or simple deprivation, I wanted him quite badly. I pulled his shirt loose at the waist and ran my hands up over his chest, circling his nipples with my thumbs. They grew hard in a second, and he crushed me suddenly against his chest. “Oof!” I said, struggling for breath. He let go, apologizing. “No, don’t worry; kiss me again.” He did, this time slipping the straps of the chemise down over my shoulders. He drew back slightly, cupping my breasts and rubbing my nipples as I had done his. I fumbled with the buckle that held his kilt; his fingers guided mine and the clasp sprang free. Suddenly he lifted me in his arms and sat down on the bed, holding me on his lap. He spoke a little hoarsely. “Tell me if I’m too rough, or tell me to stop altogether, if ye wish. Anytime until we are joined; I dinna think I can stop after that.” In answer, I put my hands behind his neck and pulled him down on top of me. I guided him to the slippery cleft between my legs. “Holy God,” said James Fraser, who never took the name of his Lord in vain. “Don’t stop now,” I said.

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Matthew Lewis photographed by Leigh Keily for JON Magazine x

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The gods are coming

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ya hes cute…….but is he conscientious of the social inequalities and corruption in hierarchies of power that plague this world

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Steven McRae and Tamara Rojo in Chroma

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American music culture 101, from Country to Rock to Pop to Hip-hop, in 3 easy steps:

1. when black americans invent it, initially detest it, mock it, claim it is destroying american youth and proper sensibilities

2. realize it isn’t going anywhere, co-opt it, engage in it and profit from it

3. obscure its origins and repackage it in such a way that the next generation understands it as a product of white american excellence

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Lady fingers, vanilla yogurt mousse, cocoa and vanilla biscuit, and blackberry jelly.

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Some of the dishes we’ve done in our first 6 weeks of being open. A mixture of tasting menu and regular menu dishes. 

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that cutting board is stressing me out why do they have so much things on it jsfdmnvaof;

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