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In the books, they are committing incest in a church next to the corpse of their dead son. […] In the books, Jaime is still not back from King’s Landing when Joffrey dies. He’s not there for the wedding. There’s a lot of speculation that he may be dead. He’s escaped; he hasn’t been seen. Various reports are reaching the capital, and Varys isn’t able to find him. All this is in there and then you have Cersei, who’s not a viewpoint character at that point in the books, so you really don’t know what she’s thinking. In my mind, she’s clearly thinking that Jaime may be dead. The only person she ever truly loved besides her children may be lost to her forever and suddenly there he is before her—but shockingly maimed and transformed. There is a mutual passion for each other. And it’s like if you get a cable that your husband has been killed in war, and then suddenly there he is—he’s not killed in war. That triggers something.

GRRM, for The Daily Beast

The only person she ever truly loved besides her children

GRRM says Cersei loves Jaime.

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Fill this in with stuff about you

Where I’m from: Venezuela
Where I would like to live: uruguay
Favorite food: arepa de huevo/ smoothies/ FOOD
Religion: none
Sexual orientation: straight (i think)
Single/taken: single
Favorite book: the book thief orrr angelfall series
Eye colour: brown
Favorite movie: trainspotting
Favorite TV show: hemlock grove rn, also lost
Favorite band/singer: arctic monkeys :(
Favorite day of the year: i don't have one??? lol
Favorite colour: BLACK
If I have any pets: no :(
What I’m listening to right now: nothin
Last movie I’ve watched: heathers
What’s my ringtone: it's a standard nokia tone lol
Favorite male character from a TV show: jon snow
Favorite female character from a TV show: sansa stark
Favorite superhero: natasha romanov (she counts)
Celebrity crush: male - CHRIS EVANS; female - riri
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'Horns' Official Trailer


Good, still hyped for this.

Do I wanna see this for the plot or for Daniel Radcliffe doing an American accent?

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saying feminism is unnecessary because you don’t feel oppressed is like saying fire extinguishers are unnecessary because your house isn’t on fire

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"That friend of yours. What was her name?"

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K n o w your place. A c c e p t your place. Be a shoe.

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You are personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society you grew up in.

Eliezer Yudkowsky 

Being a “product of their times” is no excuse. Never let someone off the hook for bigotry. 

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but when will chris evans grab my left boob…..

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if you post positive stuff about the us military i will unfollow you in 0.2 seconds flat

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11. Margaret Thatcher

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Don’t ever compliment me by insulting other women. That’s not a compliment, it’s a competition none of us agreed to.
-"You’re not like other girls." Shut the fuck up. (via cutely-perverted)
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apparently e.l. james called former child star mara wilson (matilda) a “sad f**k” for critiquing the 50shades books a while ago and now there’s a feud. i love it.

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Now that Comic-Con 2014 has come to a close, check out how our Vikings raided San Diego in style for the Vikings Blood Legacy panel here.

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